Company Overview










Our company FORMLES d.o.o. is located in the valley named Šentjernejskadolina below Gorjanci mountain chain. We are a family business operating from 1980.

We started to produce high quality furniture as small carpentry which we kept until today. Shortly afterwards, we began to manufacture wooden dowels, which we sell worldwide. In addition, we also produce Lamello® plates.

With quality products, we have created a good name among our clients, with many of them we are working for years.
Production of dowels is completely automated, as well as sorting and screening, which allows us to achieve the highest quality and reasonable product price.

We have our own gang saw and kiln dryers, which allow us high – quality wood preparation already at the very beginning of production cycle and achievement of favorable market prices of the finished product.  All waste wood is used for heating of kiln dryers and for production of beech briquettes for heating.


On request we also manufacture furniture.